Love this book. A super easy read

Heavenbird and Goldfish Grass
Story of a Murderer
Upside Down Music
A Room of OneSingleQuotes Own
The Goat Who Fell from Earth
Dream Catcher
Tofu électrique (Djang San + Band)
Go Straight
Where the Echoes Die

Past Future Present Tense
Stay Restless
Ten Years Rebellion
Xiaogang Romance

The Magic Got Killed
Revel Revel
Nice little calendar,
Notes of Desolation
I Hate Rock n Roll

This is a break through kind

Exciting Valence
Live in Beijing (Djang San + Band) – EP
Poor People
Electronic Music for Chinese Restaurants
Some Pop Songs You Can Listen to When You're Sad
The Chinese Are Coming
A Letter from China
All books on leadership must be